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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Discussion Review: North American Astronomy Net

This is the first, of hopefully many reviews of scheduled "On The Air" discussions to help grow interest in topics that are not just about talking about radio and related equipment.

The North American Astronomy Net meets on talk group 31175 every Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM Eastern US time.

The format includes the moderator sharing some interesting news summaries about everything floating out there above planet Earth, including natural or man-made objects or phenomena.

Following a news summary and related quick comments,  trivia questions are posed for participants to answer over the air or by using the  web page.

Any user of DMR can either access the 31175 talk group through a hot spot or via local area repeaters that carries this talk group.

Local DMR Access in the Hudson Valley

The N2MCI has added TG 31175 thanks to the scheduled talk group function that Brandmeister now supports.  Pete's repeater is on 448.625 MHz with a negative 5 MHz offset and uses Color Code 1 and time slot 1 for access to this interesting content.

NOTE:  The schedule function prioritizes TG 31175 from 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM local time, so others looking to use the repeater will be unable to communicate on any other talk group during this time period each Wednesday.

Summary of the February 22nd 2018 North American Astronomy Net

A record high of 18 participants, besting the previous record of 12.  Most all participated in the trivia session, where multiple virtual prizes were awarded.   Moderator, Mark KB9WLX did a fantastic job of moving through a range of content pretty quickly.

Additional Perspectives

Space related and astro focused topics are in demand in the amateur radio community.  The NA Astronomy Net is just one.  Two others that HVDN is aware of, but are not currently carried on a digital network include the:
The South West Astronomy Observers Group (S.W.A.O.G.)
Located in the Chicago Metropolitan Area
on the DuPage  (DARC)  Repeater 145.430 MHz. (TX offset -600KHz. / 107.2 Hz. PL) every Thursday evening at 8:30 PM
The Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio club (LIMARC)
Located in the New York City area on the W2VL Repeater 146.850 MHz (TX offset -600KHz. /136.5 Hz PL) every 1st and 3rd Thursday evening at 8:30 PM. The net is also accessible via Echolink via  node 487981 W2VL-R
HVDN will continue to focus on finding the best content available in the Hudson Valley via local repeaters as well as those that can be easily accessed via DMR repeaters.

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