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Thursday, February 22, 2018

SDR in Space? Yes!!

From the team behind the Lime SDR and Lime SDR Mini, which will be reviewed on HVDN in the coming weeks. 
Latest news about the low cost wide band software defined radio below: 
"We are thrilled to announce that the European Space Agency (ESA) have become an official backer of the LimeSDR Mini campaign, in support of developing innovative satellite telecommunications solutions based on Software Defined Radio (SDR), both on ground and in space.
ESA will receive 200 custom LimeSDR Mini packages and we will be working closely with them and Canonical to create an SDR App Store for Satcom. Anticipated applications include satellite connectivity for IoT - for example, Internet-of-Things services via low-cost satellites, such as Cubesats; and also the use of SDR on-board larger satellites.
The move forms part of ESA’s ARTES programme and comes as part of the Space Agency’s drive to speed up satellite communication developments, ensuring that European and Canadian industry remains competitive.
More news on this incredibly exciting partnership to come and stayed tuned for further updates!
Andrew and the LimeSDR Mini Team"
More about Lime SDR here: 

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