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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Discussion Review: Chestnut Ridge Digital Net

Jim, WA2UMP has been running a net on TG 3136 for a pretty long time and averages 12-15 participants each week which is pretty good for somewhat local focused discussion every Tuesday at 9:00 PM local New York Time. 

Participants are not local though which makes it unique, so do not let its name fool you. A lot of former New York'ers or those from "Jersey" join as well as those from far and wide just interested in good discussion.

Much of the Chestnut Digital Net runs about 90 minutes and covers recent news about digital voice amateur technology followed by a part I think is one of the best held just at the end before the net closes. No spoilers. You have to tune in to find out.

Where is Chestnut Ridge?

Some fun local spots on the below map when doing a quick "google search", but you get a better idea when driving down Interstate 87 or 287 near the NY and NJ border than what what Google Maps shows.

Feel free to listen in or join the discussion. This is one of the hidden gems out there in the world of DMR.  Unlike many moderated discussions, there are multiple times to check in, get acknowledged, ask questions and participate.  Jim does a great job of keeping things moving.

The collection of "regulars" on the discussion provides a wide range of expertise and experience so those new to DMR or those who have been around a while have something to learn every week.

Jim also sends out an email the day before and after with a roster of participants which is a nice touch.

Check it out:

  • What?  Chestnut Ridge Weekly Digital Net
  • When?   Every Tuesday at 9:00 PM local New York/New Jersey Time
  • Where?  DMR Talk Group 3136 (New York State Wide)
You can also "listen in" without a radio by using Brandmeister Hoseline

Easy way to get involved with DMR and nets like this
  • Purchase  TYT MD-380 radio for Less than $100
  • Purchase JumboSPOT  access device for less than $130

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