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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May 2018 Global Digital Repeater Round Up

HVDN thinks its a good time for a global digital repeater growth snapshot before the next official update in October.

With the Dayton Hamvention of 2018 wrapped up this past weekend and new digital radios announced such as the dual band DMR focused TYT MD-UV380, MD-UV390 and Alinco DJ-MD5T hand-held radios. Yaesu Fusion also now has additional new equipment available thanks to the new FT-70 handheld and FT-7250 mobile.

These new radios will likely create demand for more repeaters as the number of affordable equipment options increase.

Here is the raw data from the chart above


  • HVDN is not aware how keeps track of its data, but the NXDN repeater count shrunk by 2 where all other digital modes grew.  
  • DMR by far had the most growth in just the past few months as well as the past few years. 
  • DMR also now according to data is the highest number of digital repeaters
  • D-Star is still a very widely deployed digital mode, but its growth is very flat compared to all other modes
  • Yaesu Fusion may see some further growth thanks to recently released new radios and because MMDVM now supports cross mode translation which may potentially increase repeaters for those looking to experiment on NXDN and P25.
  • Lower priced new dual band radios for DMR and Fusion are impacting demand for more repeater deployments the past 2 years.

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